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In recent years Cash & Carry has quickly risen to be one of the major sectors within the Aimia Foods business and continues to grow at an exponential rate.  We have a range of big brands within our portfolio and products which are suitable for both the Catering and the Retail/Convenience channel.   Our core manufacturing capabilities center on the development and manufacture of Hot and Cold beverages, which include both Branded and Own Label Solutions.   Our extensive expertise within the Cash & Carry Sector provides us with a platform from which to develop both Catering and Retails products with confidence, ensuring that all our solutions are adding value right throughout the chain, from the Cash & Carry to the Caterer or Retailer and ultimately to the consumer.   Our core competencies stretch across Hot and Cold Beverages and Foods, which makes Aimia Foods a unique Supplier/Manufacturer.


Catering Solutions

We offer a range of market leading brands

  • UNCLE BEN’S® Foodservice/Catering RTU Sauce and Rice
  • DOLMIO® Foodservice/Catering RTU Sauce
  • GALAXY Hot Chocolate
  • BOVRIL catering pack











Aimia Foods are the exclusive UK distributor of Mars Foodservice, providing a range of DOLMIO® and UNCLE BEN’S® ready-to-use Foodservice sauce and rice products manufactured by Mars Foods UK.


MF FullDeveloped with quality, convenience and speed in mind, the DOLMIO® and UNCLE BEN’S® sauces reduce effort whilst delivering maximum flavour.  They are compliant with the 2012 Responsibility Deal guidelines on salt, are suitable for a gluten free diet and contain no artificial flavours*, colours or preservatives.  All of the Foodservice sauces are suitable for vegetarians, with many being suitable for vegan diets too.






Ten of the 18 DOLMIO® and UNCLE BEN’S® sauces are low in fat (less than 3g fat per 100g).  The tomato-based sauces include an average of 75% tomato, and one 90g portion of the Dolmio Italian sauces contains one of the recommended five-a-day.


UNCLE BEN’S® deliver a ‘foolproof’ range of rices that cook within 10 minutes.  Our Long grain, Whole grain and Basmati rice go through 215 quality checks from field to plate, to ensure perfect results every time.

*With the exception of the two barbecue sauces which have a smoke flavour.


GALAXY is the most successful confectionery brand of the last 10 years with a Brand value in excess of £216m. Galaxy Hot Chocolate is currently outperforming the market with 14.3% YOY growth (market +0.9% YOY).(IRI Data 31st October 2015).   With Traditional Add Milk and Instant varieties available in catering packs or single serve sticks, Galaxy has a pack format for every occasion.


Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate contains real Galaxy Chocolate in every Cup, delivering a creamy hot chocolate drink. Drinking Chocolate is an indulgent creamy Hot Chocolate made with Milk.   With an extensive TV Campaign featuring Audrey Hepburn – ‘Choose Silk Campaign’ a massive 50.4m people see the advert every year, with each person seeing the advert an average of 167 times!!


Galaxy CC

Bovril is known by many as a drink for the football terraces, which started as early as 1909, and has a great following within the leisure industry. The brand has great heritage and is widely recognised, the recipe is high in protein and a good source of B Vitamins, which is crucial for energy production and healthy nerves. With a Massive 90 servings per composite this is a great revenue earner.





Retail & Convenience Solutions

Whether it is Catering packs or Convenience Retail packs you are seeking, Aimia have a solution that is right for you.

Few other UK Manufacturers can boast the huge breadth of products and brands that Aimia supplies, blended with the flexibility and professional service we provide.


Gal Impulse



As the most successful confectionery brand in the last decade, Galaxy Hot Chocolate is performing well and is outperforming both market and its competition*. (IRI Data 31st October 2015)  

With pack formats ideal for the convenience and impulse sector, Galaxy Hot Chocolate offers a range of Instant and add Milk varieties. Galaxy Instant is available in a 200g jar and a handy single serve stick, both packs are ideally priced for impulse purchase.



Gal Ult Web



The new launch of Galaxy’s ‘Ultimate’ range, showcases a Hot Chocolate with added Marshmallows pieces and a Creamy White Hot Chocolate with white chocolate pieces, both of the range can be made with either water or milk for a more indulgent creamy drink.   .



New introductions to the Mars Hot Chocolate range are the below ‘Big Brand’ pouch packs, with an RSP of £1.99 they are an ideal impulse purchase and perfect for the Convenience Sector. The innovative range contains products which can be made with MILK or WATER and a range which contains ADDED PIECES OF CONFECTIONERY – to make the Hot Chocolate experience even more creamy and delicious.


mars pouch web 1


Weight Watchers web



The Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate brand has recently been refreshed and a new White Chocolate option has been launched, both packs are available in a 288g jar, plus a new  smaller pack format which is price marked and is ideal for Convenience retailers.



Launched in 2009, the No Fear Extreme Energy Drink differentiates itself from its competitors with its unique re-sealable can design and adds appeal to its active & style conscious consumer. The range of £1 PMP has recently been redesigned and is the perfect pack for the Cash & Carry and Convenience Sector with bright, bold, standout packaging.  Available in 4 flavours, Original, Apple, Cherry and Blue.


No Fear Web









Whilst we develop our customers businesses through the supply of Market Leading Brands, Aimia Foods are also a major Own Label supplier to the Cash & Carry Sector.

Our core competencies in Own Label manufacture span both Retail & Catering formats and include:-

Sauce web

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Milk Powder
  • Condiment Sauce Sachets
  • 5 Litre PET Dilutable Juices


If you have an Own Label requirement within the above categories, then you should be talking to us.


We have a strong, talented and receptive Cash & Carry team and we take great pride in supporting the development of our customers’ businesses through:-


  • Local Depot coverage
  • Great brand presence in Depots
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Trade Days
  • In Depot Demonstrators
  • First class service


Please contact us for more information and a member of our team will be delighted to discuss your requirements and the mutual opportunities that will undoubtedly exist.

Want to Know More?

Contact our Cash and Carry experts - they are happy to help

Paul Whitlow

Sales Director- Out of Home


Karen Green

Trade Sector Marketing Manager


Mark McLachlan

Senior National Account Manager Cash & Carry & Convenience Retail


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  Aimia Foods has developed a unique ‘add water’ tasty mousse dessert, Moosebreak, which is  aimed at the cost sector and is available in two appealing flavours – Strawberry and Chocolate.   The dessert is quick, easy and cost effective – simply add water to the Moosebreak mix and whisk for three minutes to create a light and fluffy mousse. As the product contains a high volume of                   skimmed milk powder, which is nutritionally identical to fresh skimmed milk, it is a great way to deliver calcium and protein into daily menu choices. The unique 'add water' product contains only quality ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats or preservatives.     Moosebreak comes in handy resealable pouches which conveniently make 30 portions.  As the pouches are resealable the innovative product can also be stored once opened when smaller numbers are required, resulting in less wastage.   So why should you choose Moosebreak:

  • Contains natural colours and flavours
  • Suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • No preservatives
  • Less than 2g of fat per serving
  • Source of calcium & protein
  •  School compliant
    Available in cases of 10 x 450g resealable pouches, the price per serving of Moosebreak is over 7p cheaper than competitive products which are made with milk, and significantly more compact to store – one ambient case of Moosebreak takes up approximately half of the space needed to store the equivalent of fresh milk – ticking lots of boxes for caterers in the cost sector.         Preparing delicious dishes has been made even easier thanks to the new ‘Tasty Recipes’ book from the creators of the Made Easy range at Aimia Foods.   The collection, containing 28 mouth-watering recipes, has been designed to help caterers create tasty nutritional recipes using products from within the Made Easy range; which comprises of drinks, desserts and baking ingredients that are either ready to consume or can be prepared in seconds with the addition of water.  



        Why not try some of the simple to follow recipes including Strawberry and Ginger Cheesecake, Mississippi Mud Pie and Black Forest Trifle, all made with Moosebreak. Every detail has been considered, from portion size to handy tips on how to enhance dishes with extra finishing touches.         Moosebreak is part of the Made Easy Range  - for more details about the range, recipe ideas and to enter our competitions go to The Made Easy Range is a new concept incorporating a range of delicious and best in class products made specifically for the Foodservice market.  Including drinks and desserts, Made Easy does exactly what it says ….. Easy to make - Either add water or ready to consume.   Quick to table   Nutritious – No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, No Hydrogenated fats and No Preservatives.   Cater for more people – suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.   Economical - Exceptional low cost per serving   What makes our “Made Easy Range” unique is they are all ‘Add Water’ or ‘Ready to consumer’ solutions, which means that they are fast to prepare, consistent and cost effective, whilst delivering a high quality finished product.  

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