Britain’s Iconic Malted Drink Creates “Horlicks Moments”

  • On 29th November 2018

Horlicks is an iconic British brand and a family favourite with 99% loyalty amongst current consumers*** A large consumer research project is currently underway but initial drivers research identified that consumers mostly enjoyed Horlicks as it provides a sense of comfort and relaxation***. Due to this Horlicks is launching its ‘My Horlicks Moments’ campaign. Spanning traditional print media, digital platforms and extending to a widespread sampling campaign, Horlicks Moments encourages consumers to take a few minutes out to relax and enjoy those special moments, or to simply unwind with a cup of warm, comforting and delicious Horlicks by their side.

Michelle Younger, Marketing Manager at Aimia Foods explains:

“Today, we are all very hectic with busy work and home life schedules and 74% of UK people reported feeling so stressed in the past year, they have been overwhelmed. In launching Horlicks Moments we are by no means saying that Horlicks will relieve stress but simply reminding people to relax, take five and enjoy some time out with a comforting drink of Horlicks, whilst benefitting from all the nourishment it brings.

“The campaign will serve to reinforce key Horlicks positioning centred around relaxation and nutrition as well as supporting our objective of driving extended consumption frequency.” Horlicks has been the nation’s favourite malted drink for over 140 years and has seen us through two world wars, polar expeditions and fuelled Olympic athletes. It’s filled with nourishment and is the mainstay of any kitchen cupboard.

The product has a deliciously unique malty taste but also packed in every serving are 14 key vitamins and minerals. Each delicious mug is bursting with goodness and is rich in calcium and vitamin D and a rich source of vitamins A and C (when prepared as instructions). A warming and delicious hug in a mug. The Horlicks product range consists of Traditional Horlicks, Horlicks Light Instant and Horlicks Light Chocolate Instant.

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***223 Quantitative Face to Face Interviews with Regular Horlicks Consumers