NEW Milfresh milk sticks ‘moo-ve’ into UK foodservice!

  • On 6th February 2017


For the convenient no-fuss provision of milk, look no further than new Milfresh granulated 100% skimmed milk single-serve sticks from Aimia Foods, which are now available in UK foodservice.

Following on from the success of market leading Milfresh Gold and Silver, designed primarily for automated machine use, Milfresh Sticks are a perfect single serve solution.

Developed to help eliminate the cost, storage, taste and waste issues associated with the provision of  UHT (Ultra High Temperature) liquid milk portions, new Milfresh sticks taste just as good as fresh milk and offer portioned servings in lightweight, easy-to-open single serve sticks – simply pick up, tear open and pour!

Made using 100% premium skimmed milk, which has been granulated for superior solubility, Milfresh milk sticks are nutritionally identical to skimmed milk.  They contain less water and more milk per portion than liquid UHT products – just one Milfresh milk stick contains the whitening and creaminess quality of three milk jiggers.

That makes them perfect for locations which lack milk-based coffee machines or for use by those on-the-go, Milfresh milk sticks are a more convenient user-friendly alternative to traditional milk jiggers, which can commonly burst or spill.

The granulation process used to create Milfresh is slow and careful, thanks to a specific low heat drying technology.  This protects the protein & amino acids within the milk to produce a rich, creamy, natural taste and a product that is more reliable and more soluble than inferior quality products which are medium-high heat treated. That’s why the maker confidently says Milfresh sticks are ‘As Good as Fresh’.

With 15 months shelf life from production, Milfresh milk sticks offer almost three times the longevity of alternative liquid products.  This greatly improves stock control and helps reduce wastage.

With liquid UHT milk portions being considerably bulky and heavy, the new lightweight Milfresh milk sticks are far more convenient for operators to store – aiding with weight efficiencies. This is particularly important for travel environments where weight efficiencies are a critical component of lean business practice.

Milfresh is made using the highest quality milk, sourced from established dairy co-operatives, operating on behalf of over 12,000 dairy farmers.  These co-operatives already have minimum price guarantees amongst their members, which ensures sustainability in farming and milk supply.