Make more this Summer with Shmoo Milkshakes! 

  • On 25th July 2018

With the summer months here, cold beverages are the order of the day.  Milkshakes are hugely popular with both adults and children alike and are an essential addition to any outlet’s beverage offering.Shmoo milkshakes are the leading thickshake concept in the UK. The perfect choice for those wanting to provide refreshingly sweet, cool beverages with ease!

Blended with milk, Shmoo creates deliciously thick, ice cream textured milkshakes or even iced cappuccinos. Simply add a scoop of the Shmoo milkshake mix into a branded cup, pour milk to the line and mix using the unique Shmoo in-cup mixer. The mix will double in size and create the perfect thickshake consistently every time, providing a cost-effective and highly profitable milkshake concept!

Available in five of the most popular flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla and Cappuccino, Shmoo contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, is low in fat and suitable for vegetarians* whilst also being a great source of calcium**!  What’s more, you can make your Shmoo thickshakes even more luxurious with a whole range of toppings. From squirty cream, mini marshmallows to chocolate curls, adding a selection of sweet toppings will not only look fantastic, but also allow outlets to command a more premium price point.

Karen Green, Marketing Manager for Aimia Foods is delighted to offer Shmoo as a part of the Aimia product portfolio:

“Shmoo has revolutionised the UK foodservice market with luxuriously delicious thickshakes that are quick and simple to make. It provides operators with a highly profitable concept that can easily be implemented within any outlet and allows establishment’s to tap into the hugely popular milkshake market utilising a vibrant, well recognised and much loved brand. Not only do the shakes taste fantastic, but the point-of-sale materials that come free with the starter kits, such as the menu boards and counter stands, are sure to catch the eye of customers helping to increase the opportunity for first time or repeat purchases!”

A Shmoo starter kit contains everything you need to get going and can earn you ££££.

  • Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana mixes
  • 300 branded clear cups, lids and straws
  • Toppings & Cream
  • Point of Sale Material
  • Shmoo mixer which whips and froths the perfect texture (2 year guarantee)

*When mixed to our instructions using semi-skimmed milk.  Does not apply to toppings (serving suggestions. **Excludes Chocolate & Cappuccino  flavours.

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