Shmoo’s Switch to Paper Straws ♻️

  • On 5th December 2018

In a bid to help reduce waste created by single-use plastics, we are delighted to announce that we will be parting ways with plastic straws from the end of this year! We’ve recently placed our first paper straw order with a local company. We are thrilled to be initiating the “Shmoo switch” with the help of a new local business.

Karen Green, Marketing Manager at Aimia Foods is thrilled to announce this news:

“To be able to do our bit in terms of helping the environment, whilst supporting a local business, is something that the Shmoo team are tremendously proud of!

At Shmoo, we see the straw as an indispensable tool for milkshake drinkers due to the thick nature of the drink. Because of this, finding the most suitable solution to replace the conventional plastic straw was key: We want our customers to continue enjoying the same drinking experience, yet in a much more environmentally friendly way!”

By offering paper straws, the leading UK thickshake concept, Shmoo, now lead with a greener grab-and-go milkshake option, expanding upon our pre-existing efforts to minimise environmental impact with 50% of the plastic used in the manufacturing process of Shmoo cups and lids coming from recycled plastic (RPET). As well as this, Shmoo cups and lids are 100% recyclable and can be recycled by all local authorities through plastic waste stream bins.

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