Top 9 Milk Facts from Milfresh

  • On 21st March 2018

Top 9 Milk Facts from Milfresh


The Top 9 Milk Facts from Milfresh

  1. 80% of all hot drinks are taken with milk.
  2. Milky hot drinks are the UK’s favourite. The top two frequently bought coffee shop drinks are lattes and cappuccinos. 51% of people in the UK drink lattes. 37% of people in the UK drink cappuccinos.
  3. 55% of people insist on milk in their coffee being skimmed or semi-skimmed.
  4. A top 10 reason why people choose a coffee shop is based on the the quality of the foamed milk than the brand of coffee.
  5. The average ratio of milk to coffee for a coffee shop drink (e.g. latte or cappuccino) is 3 parts milk to 1 part coffee.
  6. 80°C low heat drying makes Milfresh whiter, creamier and gives it a thicker, longer lasting foam compared to UHT milk which is dried at 135°C.
  7. Milk granules are more porous than powder, the microscopic holes in granules allow water to penetrate, which helps it to dissolve quickly in mixing bowls.
  8. Lactose is a naturally occurring sugar in milk. Lactose makes powders stick and clog in automated machines, which is why granulation is so vital.
  9. There’s more calcium in 1 cup of Milfresh than 16 cups of spinach.

Milfresh is the UK’s market leading granulated skimmed milk. With our unique drying and granulation process, means we’re confident that Milfresh tastes ‘As Good as Fresh’.

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