Aimia and Vending

Aimia is a business with Vending at its heart and a history in the manufacture of ingredients that stretches back as far as 1981. Fast forward 36 years and Aimia is proud to be the UK’s leading independent supplier to the vending industry.

We strive to create products that add value to our customers’ business and, most importantly, continually raise the bar in quality and ‘virtuousness’ of the drink that the consumer receives. (Good for your health, your environment and your pocket)

A genuine one stop shop to the vending operator, we boast an extensive range of stock ingredients across the following categories…

  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Whitener
  • Granulated milk and milk blends
  • Soup
  • Syrup
  • Sugar

We also supply leading soft drink brands such as No Fear and Zing for cold drinks vending.




The Milfresh family of products includes our iconic and industry first 100% skimmed milk – a product that has changed the landscape of vending and pushed the boundaries of the quality of drink that consumers expect. Also available from within the Milfresh stable are our Granulated Chocolate and Fair & Ethical Chocolate products – both of which deliver rich and delicious taste along with the functional (granulated and free flowing) and healthy (HVO free) benefits that consumers have come to expect from the Milfresh brand.

The Café Nueva range embodies our pure and simple approach to coffee, combining the right range of blends with contemporary presentation and the most complete range of fair & ethical credentials available in the market.

Our Freshers branded products represent excellent value without compromise on quality. The range includes Karimer HVO Free Whiteners, Cappuccino Toppings and powdered or granulated Hot Chocolate.

Aimia is also proud to be the chosen partner of some of the most recognisable consumer brands in the world – Galaxy chocolate, PG tea, and Knorr soups.

All new and improved Galaxy vending chocolates contain real Galaxy chocolate and deliver the same luxurious and indulgent experience that consumers expect from the brand.

PG tea (Fully Rainforest Alliance Certified) is available in leaf, freeze dried, bagged and in-cup formats to cover all vending and wholesaling needs for quality branded tea.

Taste Inspirations vending soups are available in three tasty flavours, vegetable, chicken and tomato.

HVO Free

We are proud to be able to state we were the first company to make the step to HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) free across our ENTIRE vending range.

Avoiding consumption of HVOs is important because;

  • HVOs contain trans fatty acids- a type of partly saturated fat the human body struggles to process.
  • Trans fats increase rate of coronary heart disease and cholesterol levels.
  • Such a serious nutritional issue that some countries have banned use of HVOs.
  • Leading British retailers have removed HVOs from their own brand foods.

We highly recommend you make your business HVO free- it’s what your customers expect and will give you a leading edge in quality hot beverage solutions.

Own Label

Thanks to our award winning manufacturing capabilities and extensive marketing expertise, Aimia are ideal partners for vending customers who wish to develop their own brands within coffee, chocolates or whitening products. Please contact our team for more information.

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  Aimia Foods are today announcing significant upgrades to our whitener range. From today, our best selling lines of Karimer Blue and Karimer Green will be known as Bluetop and Greentop. More »

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