Take time for a Horlicks

Enjoy a mug of your favourite Horlicks, from Chocolate to Original or our nostalgic Pudding Flavours - we've got you covered!


Horlicks Heritage

Horlicks has been comforting families for over 150 years. Horlicks was first developed by two British brothers in the late 1800’s. We have supported explorers on the way to both poles, nourished soldiers through two world wars and fortified athletes in the Olympics.

Malted Recipes

Create hot and cold drinks with endless flavour using Horlicks

The Horicks Range




Home| Iglooh Vegan Frappe Powder Mix A delicious cold drink base. With hints of vanilla this base can be used to enhance any flavour of drink, helping to give an overall smooth, thick, creamy and delicious beverage. Learn More Iglooh Making caterers lives easier by offering a one base solution for frappes, smoothies, milkshakes and […]

An iconic, delicious, malty flavour

Enriched with 14 key vitamins & minerals

Traditionally crafted using malted wheat & barley

Horlicks Cares Campaign

At Horlicks, we understand what a brilliant job our care caterers do throughout the UK, so we decided to offer a helping hand and created content that can be downloaded and shared with residents, encouraging them to ‘Take a Moment’ Whether it’s through singing, dancing, sharing stories, or some alone time working on colouring or crafts. In the world we live in today, it has never been more important to Take a Moment for ourselves.

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