Dry Powder Blending

Aimia Foods offer state of the art blending facilities and one of the UK’s leading contract blending services for speciality coffee, hot chocolate and whitener dry powder products. Choosing the right dry powder blending partner can be tricky but we’ve got you covered with our expertise and specialist facilities. We’re a leading co-manufacturer of dry powder products in the UK.

Complete Contract Blending Solutions

We offer complete contract blending solutions. We can pack dry powder into 1 tonne FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers) for you to pack independently. We offer contract food bulk powder packing in 25kg and 12.5kg sacks, consumer or wholesale packaging such as composites, doy pouches or jars.

Ribbon Mixer

We can offer a variety of dry powder blending services including mixing your products thoroughly with ribbon blenders. The ribbon blender mixes free-flowing raw materials by gently rotating the powder in U-shaped trough. An agitator, consisting fixed blades inside allows the powder to move in a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern. This prevents the particles from consolidating and ensures that the product is blended effectively.

Industrial Mixer

For larger scale blending we offer industrial mixers and utilise Lindor rotatory drum mixers. With virtually no shear force they are perfect for fragile and heat sensitive products like milk powder. With a 2 tonne capacity our industrial blender provides an effective mixing solution for larger volume products.

Matcon Blending

With Matcon blending we can offer you state of the art blending technology. Matcon blending provides a greater degree of control how powders are blended with the utmost precision. This form of industrial blending provides a contained solution, perfect for allergen control with designated bins to prevent contamination. With control over everything from particle flow, rotation speed and importantly avoiding over-blending we can provide a sophisticated solution to dry powder and granule blending – we offer far more than a spinning box.

Benefits of Matcon blending:

  • Fully contained systems & designated bins for complete allergen control
  • Controlled powder agitation
  • Rotation
  • Blending speed
  • The number of cycles
  • Product inclusions (e.g. confectionary)

Agglomeration & Agglomerate Blending

Amongst our dry powder blending and processing capabilities we offer granulation of powders. Granules are a large ‘agglomerate’ of particles. Small fine or coarse particles are converted into large agglomerates called granules which have gone through a process known as agglomeration.

Agglomeration is a technique of particle enlargement which creates granules. We use state of the art technology to agglomerate particles through direct steam injection. With an economical design we minimise powder wastage by isolating, extracting and re-processing any non-agglomerated powder for a consistent product.

Granulation is beneficial for solubility; it helps in controlling and adjusting powder density and volume.

Dry Powder Products We Blend

We blend a range of dry powder products including but not limited to:

Speciality Coffee Blending

Hot Chocolate Blending

Malted Drinks Blending

Milk Powder & Whitener Blending

Frappe Powder Blending

Milkshake Powder Blending

Baking & Dessert Mixes Blending

Soup Powder Blending

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