How Aimia Foods supports and champions care homes across the UK

  • On 26th March 2021

It’s more than likely been a very challenging time the past 12 months to work in a UK Care Home. Each and every individual who has contributed to the running of these homes has had to overcome adversities that none of us could have ever predicted.

Life in Care Homes brings day-to-day challenges on many levels with an aging population; numbers of residents are increasing, and conditions such as dysphagia, diabetes and dementia are becoming more and more common.

Having worked closely with the Care Sector for a number of years, Aimia Foods strives to support care employees in help make their jobs a little easier where possible by aiming to help caterers battle and overcome some of the day to day challenges in care catering. With over 40 years’ experience, we are experts in Food Service, but in a constantly changing world, we know we must keep working collaboratively with our customers to keep learning and moving forward.


How will Aimia Foods support me as a Care Home?

It isn’t just expert advice on products and menus that we can offer, Aimia Foods are here to support our customers whenever they may need us. From recipe ideas, to downloadable activity packs and tips on getting the most from your products, our staff are not just there to tell you what ingredients to use, but to listen and consult each caterer, and hand pick products to suit their individual needs.

We understand that in such a complex and diverse sector, one product will not fit all requirements but, with our diverse product range and expertise, it is possible to tailor them to fit many.



We trust in all of our brands and products to perform every time – it’s our role to ensure customers see that too, along with just how versatile and user friendly they are. Whether it’s milkshakes, hot drinks, dinner or dessert, every product is made with the user in mind. Finding a delicious product is great, but if you’re not sure how best to use it, you may not be realising its full potential.

Our expert team will leave you feeling inspired with lots of menu ideas. Finding the perfect balance between delicious, nutritious, and budget friendly can come at a cost – often a cost of time, of which many caterers don’t have the luxury.

Save hours of planning time with our handy downloadable recipe books covering recipes for meals, snacks, desserts and drinks designed to help residents keep on track to achieve nutritional goals.

With lots of pocket friendly solutions, we’ve brought together the best of our industry knowledge to provide Care Home Caterers with menus that will work for an abundance of dietary requirements. With Gluten free, dairy free, 2 of your 5 a day, we hope that by using Aimia products our caterers feel supported to overcome any dietary challenge you face.

Click here to view Horlicks recipe book

Click here to view Mars Foods recipe book

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Click here to view Shmoo recipe book


Care Specific Guide

In our Care Guide, we explain in detail why we’ve picked our products for the Care Sector including the features and substantial benefits of using them.

From pocket friendly, brand rivalling coffee, to versatile and delicious add water mousse mix, in this brochure we guide you on exactly how to get the most from each product for your residents. Addressing day-to-day issues you face such as Dysphagia, Dementia and Dehydration, we explain just how our brands can help you to achieve your goals.

Click here to download our Care brochure

Click here to download our Cost Sector brochure


Horlicks Cares web page

Brand new for 2021, Horlicks Cares is a brand new section of our website, dedicated solely to our fantastic Care staff. The Horlicks ‘Take a Moment’ campaign challenges the nation to take just five minutes from the pressures of daily life, whether it’s through reflection, walking, talking – the objective is to encourage taking  this time for you.

We have extended our Take a Moment consumer campaign to UK Care Homes, asking them to join us, and Take a Moment with Horlicks.

Full of downloadable content, designed with both staff and residents in mind, find decorative bunting, puzzles, colouring in, conversation cards and more, to help guide you on your Take a Moment journey. It isn’t always as easy as it sounds to take some time for ourselves, but with these fun and interactive resources, hopefully it becomes somewhat easier.

With new ideas hitting the pages each month, make it a part of your routine to download and make use of the resources, and share with us your experience.

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The world is changing at such an extraordinary pace, and sometimes it’s tough to keep up, but at Aimia Foods we strive to never stop learning and moving forward, and we want to do that with our customers by our side.