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Skinny Milk Pods

Milfresh Pods

The best Dolce Gusto® compatible* skinny milk pods. Made with 100% skimmed milk, Milfresh makes the perfect low fat “skinny” coffee, cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button and tastes “as good as fresh”.

Get the perfect skinny coffee every time

Make Authentic Coffee Shop Style Drinks

It’s easy to make the perfect skinny coffee with Milfresh. Enjoy your favourite coffee shop drink at the touch of a button…

Skinny White Americano: Set your machine to 2 bar or use 50ml of water.

Skinny Latte: Set your machine to 5 bar or use 170ml of water.

Skinny Cappuccino: Set your machine to 6 bar or use 200ml of water.

Skimmed Milk Goodness in a Pod

Why Skinny Milk?

Milfresh Skinny Milk pods not only taste delicious but are a healthy alternative to whole milk.

✔ Fat Free

✔ No Added Sugar

✔ Lower in calories than whole milk – only 52kcal per serving

✔ Creamy and natural taste with long lasting texture

✔ No added colours, preservatives or Hydrogenated Fats

2 out of 3 can’t taste the difference

How many of us have longed for a milk pod option that actually tastes like fresh milk?

Well, with Milfresh, we’ve always believed it does. We were so confident that we put it to the ultimate test.

We commissioned independent consumer research, conducted by the University of Oxford Brookes to determine whether in blind taste tests, people could tell the difference between fresh skimmed milk and Milfresh.

The results show 2 out of 3 people couldn’t tell the difference† between drinks made with fresh skimmed milk and Milfresh, whilst 64% stated that they actually preferred Milfresh!

Milfresh pods aren’t just a healthy alternative to whole milk. They’re an authentic milk experience for coffee lovers…

Milfresh Pods Nutritional Information

Per 100g as Sold Per pod – 14.5g serving
Energy – kJ 1512 219
Energy – kcals 356 52
Fat, g 0.8 0.1
of which saturates, g 0.5 <0.1
Carbohydrate, g 51.7 7.5
of which sugars, g 51.7 7.5
Protein, g 35.5 5.1
Salt, g 1.3 0.19

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*Dolce Gusto® is a third party brand (owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A) with no link to Aimia Foods Limited

†2017 independent taste testing carried out by Oxford Brookes University  – 107 respondents