Shmoo Milkshakes: Versatile, delicious and profitable

  • On 20th May 2021

Popular across the UK for over 20 years, Shmoo Milkshakes has become the UK’s leading Thickshake concept. Offering stockists a quick, simple, effective way to make fresh, delicious milkshakes, it has never been easier than now to customise and serve Shmoo Milkshakes exactly as your customer likes them.

With May half term approaching, it is a perfect time to stock up on the new flavours, refresh your cup stock, and consider any new, exciting Shmoo recipes to add to your menu.

We could talk all day about the things that make Shmoo so popular, but we’ve decided to pick out a few of the main reasons that stockists and consumers fall in love with the look, taste and overall brand and remind you why it’s the perfect time to dust off that machine that may have been hiding away during the pandemic…


Shmoo caters for everyone

In so many ways! All 7 flavours of Shmoo are suitable for a Vegetarian diet, and for a Gluten Free diet. The range contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives* and contains less than 5% added sugar* making it school friendly in a small serving! But that isn’t all, one of the things customers love most about Shmoo is that the range offers 2 vegan friendly options. Both Chocolate and Chocolate Mint are suitable for a vegan diet when made with a milk alternative, meaning that it is true- Vegans really can enjoy milkshakes too!

If milkshakes is something you’ve been considering, but catering for vegans is a concern, then let the Shmoo brand take that worry away and start selling Vegan friendly milkshakes today!


Shmoo is really versatile & customisable

With 7 flavours to choose from, it’s very likely there’s at least one flavour on the menu that takes your fancy, however, if not- there’s still no need to worry! With our Shmoo recipe book, you’ll see just how easy it is to add syrups and other ingredients to your shakes. Turn Chocolate Shmoo into a Black Forest Gateaux shake with cherry syrup, or create a Halloween special with Pumpkin syrup and Vanilla Shmoo. Once you get started, you’ll see how easy it is to add seasonal menu additions, but also to give customers the freedom to really build their own shake from scratch, to be exactly how they like it.


Shmoo will make you big profits

Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients and machine, the costs of making a Shmoo shake are kept to an absolute minimum. Watch as the spindle mixer aerates the ingredients- making the volume of milk appear to double in size and fill the cup. Thanks to this, stockists need only use the smallest amount of milk per drink (and it’s easy to keep it consistent with no measuring, with a fill line on every cup) keeping costs per serving down and margins high.

It may sound clichéd, but the possibilities really are endless with Shmoo earnings: charge extra for cream, toppings, extra syrups, or even add a whole section to your dessert menu, adding Freakshakes with brownies, doughnuts or wafers. Once you let your imagination run wild, Shmoo will do the hard work for you and you can enjoy serving your happy customers!

get started with shmoo milkshakes

Shmoo offers more than just milkshakes

It’s not just delicious milkshakes that you will get from Shmoo once you become a stockist. We really do support our stockists in many ways. Free POS is always available to help boost sales as much as possible, whether it’s posters, table talkers or menu boards. As well as our FREE recipe book, you can request and receive copies of our biannual Blend N Shake brochure, which features trends, tips and expert industry knowledge to help you get the most from your products.

If that isn’t enough, be sure as a Shmoo stockist to watch out for where our Shmoo tour is heading next. In our branded Shmoo van, we tour the country giving free samples to eager consumers nationwide. In each area, we provide a map of all the local stockists, encouraging every person to purchase a full size shake from our brilliant independents in the area- that could be you!


If you’d like to learn more about how to become a stockist or a distributor, contact for more information


*When made to manufacturers’ instructions. Excludes toppings.