Our Commitment

As a food and drink manufacturer, we understand our responsibility to balance the needs of food safety and sustainability with the broader needs of the environment, in relation to waste and carbon footprint and we continue to develop our ESG programme and initiatives whist making significant developments.

Protecting our Planet

We are now officially a certified CarbonNeutral® company! We understand how essential it is for us as a business to responsibly manage our environmental footprint, so we could not be prouder!

In our commitment to reduce carbon emissions further, we have partnered with Envantage (energy and carbon consultants) in a 3-year partnership to support Aimia in reducing our climate impact.


We continually look for more sustainable packaging solutions, and whilst we have made huge progress, we pledge to do more.

  • 100% of our jars contain 30% RHDPE.
  • 100% of our PET bottles contain 51% RPET.
  • All trays and outer cases are made using recycled paper.

Since 2021:

  • All our shrink wrap contains 30% recycled content.
  • All our stretch film contains 30% recycled content.

We work with suppliers to find alternative solutions to reduce single use plastics and increase the recyclability of containers, where plastics are required. We eliminated single use plastic straws for Shmoo in January 2019 and in 2021, we moved all retail SKUs in our Drink me Chai range to a fully recyclable metal tin, which will remove approximately 1 million composites from our production in 2022.

We will continue to reduce the use of non-recyclable composites by installing two new paper based composite machines, making any products produced on these lines, recyclable in kerb side recycling.

We collaborate with key suppliers to provide solutions for flexible plastics in our business and continue to trial alternative single layer materials on our lines that meet product safety and shelf-life requirements. Projects currently in progress:

  • Pod film
  • Pouch laminate
  • Stick laminate
  • PET sleeves

Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

We work with a range of organisations that support global growers and producers, some of which include Fairtrade, Rain Forest Alliance, National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers (FNC), RSPO.

Serving our People & Community

Fair Treatment for All

We are committed to fair treatment of all employees and eradicating hidden labour exploitation including modern slavery from our organisation, and we are proud to have implemented several initiatives to support this, including:

Committing to Ethical Practices

We operate our business in a responsible and ethical manner that aligns with our values and code of ethical conduct.

We require all our suppliers to comply with our Ethical Trading Policy, which is based on the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and national and international laws. We require all of our suppliers to have ethical processes and policies in place throughout their supply chain. We monitor supplier compliance with this policy through a range of other tools to support the risk management, continuous improvement, and capacity building of our suppliers, including the requirements for suppliers to provide reasonable information as evidence of compliance with our Ethical Trading Policy.

Commitments to the Consumer

Our production processes, which are BRCGS certified, include Critical Control points such as X-ray and metal detection, microbiological testing regimes and full allergen clean downs and swab testing.
Pro-active recipe development occurs to develop healthier alternatives, for example in demonstrable reductions in salt & sugar.
All ingredients we source are GM Free.
We were amongst the first beverage companies to remove hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVOs) from all of our products. All of products have been HVO free since 2008.

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