Horlicks Cares

At Horlicks, we understand what a brilliant job our care caterers do throughout the UK, which is why we are extending our campaign, and asking UK Care Homes to join us. In such a vital and important profession, we know that it is so much more than making great tasting food that fits an abundance of differing dietary requirements.

Catering in Care environments takes time, consideration, and a lot of care! Faced with a lot more dietary requirements and nutritional needs than most other caterers, food needs to be engaging and exciting, as well as tasty and nutritious.

Horlicks Cares Pack

Our new ’Horlicks Cares’ pack has been designed with UK Care staff in mind - we want to help to make your job as easy and enjoyable as we possibly can. This content should be downloaded and shared with residents, encouraging them to ‘Take a Moment’- whether it’s through singing, dancing, sharing stories, or some alone time working on colouring or crafts. In the world we live in today, it has never been more important to Take a Moment for ourselves.

Horlicks invites Care staff and residents to Take a Moment- alone or together, to Take a Moment for yourselves.


Choose from the coloured, uplifting and inspirational bunting, or choose to colour in your own with residents. Use a hole punch to make holes to simply thread through your string, and bring some joy through hanging some hand-made decorations around the room. 

Colouring In

Colouring in for adults has seen a huge rise in popularity over recent years. It’s no surprise with the relaxation and calmness it can bring to your mind. Whether paints, pencils or felt tips is your thing, choose your picture and hang that art on the wall for everyone to see!


Use each other’s knowledge to find the answers to some tricky questions, and jog your memory by finding that word that was on the tip of your tongue!

Perfect for exercising your brain and testing memory too.

Conversation Cards

It may seem simple, but reliving and talking about some of our favourite memories can really help stimulate the mind. With different topics covering families, music, childhood and TV, it will be hard to stop the conversation once they’ve started flowing!


Word Searches

Work together or alone to test your skills on our fun themed word searches.

Choose from Food & Drink, Hobbies and Past-times or Countries and boost your brain’s problem solving, spelling and vocabulary with these simple, and fun  puzzles.

Recipe Book

Not just a drink, Horlicks has quickly become the secret ingredient for many caterers.

An easy way to add essential vitamins and minerals into recipes. Horlicks also adds a unique, malty taste to give your favourite recipes an edge - from breakfast, to supper and right through to desserts!

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