Making Catering Easier

Experts in Foodservice, Aimia Foods showcase their specially created products through their Made Easy range. Designed to do exactly what it says, Made Easy products have been produced to make the lives of caterers exactly that- easier.

All products in the range, comprising of desserts, drinks and baking ingredients,  can be prepared in a matter of seconds by simply adding water. The affordable range offers versatile, delicious, easy to use products that help make catering for many a joy, not a chore.

Eliminate the need for over complicated, expensive dessert ingredients and plan your menu quickly and easily with the Made Easy range- let us do the hard work for you.

The Caterer is our priority

With the caterer always our priority when designing products, each one is made to tick the following boxes, ensuring we can cover as many of our customer’s requirements as possible.

All of our products are EASY to make. Simply add water

Due to their simplicity, all of our products are QUICK to table

All of our products contain:

  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • No preservatives

Due to the high quality of ingredients and the way in which our products are formulated they are suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

The Made Easy Range boasts exceptionally low cost per serving.

The Range


Popular as a standalone dessert, in Strawberry, Chocolate and Butterscotch flavours, the light and fluffy texture of Moosebreak is popular with caterers nationwide. This versatile ingredient makes it easy to serve high quality, visually appealing desserts in seconds, but also provides a perfect ingredient to add to more ambitious desserts too.

Containing only natural flavours and colours, and no artificial sweeteners and preservatives, or hydrogenated fats, Moosebreak is a great dessert option where nutrition is key. Made with real milk powder, Moosebreak can also be a source of protein and calcium!

Caterers must simply add water to the mix and whisk for five  minutes, creating a light and fluffy mousse, which can be stored and served ambient, or chilled.

Our  Made Easy recipe book contains lots of Moosebreak recipe ideas.


This add water milkshake is popular with  caterers across the UK, not just due to it’s delicious taste and easy make-up, but also for it’s fantastic capabilities in baking, why not try our tasty Strawberry Custard recipe.  Available in both Strawberry and Chocolate flavours, this product saves valuable storage space, eliminating the need for fridges full of milk- instead offering caterers a mix that can be stored ambient in its easy open, easy reseal packaging.

Containing only natural flavours and colours, and no artificial sweeteners and preservatives, or hydrogenated fats, Milkbreak is a school friendly recipe, recommended by school caterers across the UK for its nutritious benefits as well as its versatility and delicious taste.

Caterers must simply add water to the mix and whisk or shake until mixed  before serving this popular drink


This high quality cocoa is popular in care and education environments due to its reduced fat recipe.

Thankfully, reduced fat does not mean reduced flavour- Freshers Cocoa contains just 10/12% fat compared with 20/22% in ordinary cocoa powders but you wouldn’t know this from the taste.

Delivering rich and delicious results, whether baked into chewy cookies or gooey brownies,  or served in a hot drink such as a Mocha, it is reliable, consistent and delivers fantastic taste every time.

Popular with caterers for these reasons and more Freshers Reduced Fat Cocoa is an economical option for those looking to create delicious desserts, no matter how ambitious your bakes may be.


The Milfresh range has gained huge popularity due to its quality, taste and performance. Part of the Made Easy range, Milfresh Original is formulated for baking and cooking, but can also be used for drinking, thanks to its ‘good as fresh’ flavour profile. It is designed to be used as a substitute for fresh milk – boasting great benefits over fresh, such as taking up less storage space, and no need to be stored in a fridge.

Made to manufacturer’s instructions, one 2KG bag of Milfresh Original Milk Powder makes the equivalent of 36 pints of milk- and it’s quick and easy to do so, by simply adding water and mixing. . Our recipe books contain lots of ideas and inspiration for how to use Milfresh Original in your baking.


This school friendly add water juice drink which when served as a 230ml serving-  also counts as 1 of your 5 a day. Containing approximately 68% fruit juice, this concentrated juice drink is avilable in Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant, as well as a 3 litre and a 7 litre option.

Giving caterers from both small and large establishments a simple solution to soft drinks, the bag-in-box format comes complete with a tap, and the option for free of charge Juicebreak measuring jugs, meaning quick make up and consistent taste every time.

Juicebreak is a much more environmentally friendly solution than some ready-to-drink options, as the 6 to 1 dilution ratio means that a 7 litre box provides caterers with 49 litres of Juicebreak!


Aimia Foods have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to blending recipes for hot chocolate. Both Milfresh Superior and Milfresh Fair & Ethical are school friendly recipes, made with skimmed milk, meaning they can be made by simply adding hot water to achieve an indulgent, creamy and luxury hot chocolate taste. Both chocolates are vending machine friendly, offering  great flow and solubility qualities.

Hydration is key to health and nutrition whether its school pupils, care home residents or office workers, and providing variety in drink menus is a great way to  encourage better hydration no matter who you’re catering for. Add delicious options like hot chocolates to menu and watch sales grow!

Download the Made Easy Recipe Book