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With extensive expertise in making the highest quality catering products, Mars Foodservice is committed to supporting caterers and making it easier for them to serve consistently great food.

The versatile range of catering sauces and rice cover a wide variety of cuisines and are quick and easy to cook and the Ready to Use sauces can be used straight from the jar. The range of sauces are extremely versatile and can be used from the base ingredient of your meal, to a dip, or to a salad dressing.  Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio customers have access to a bank of recipes; demonstrating hundreds of ways to use our versatile and delicious sauces, ensuring no wastage.

Free From

We understand the importance of catering to an abundance of dietary requirements, and also the difficulty and complexity this can sometimes cause.

Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio sauces are:

✔ Suitable for a Gluten Free diet

✔ Vegetarian

✔ 14 of the 17 sauces are suitable for a Vegan diet

✔ Meet UK 2017 Salt targets

✔ Contain no artificial colours, flavours*, or preservatives (*except BBQ sauces which have a smoke flavour)

✔ GMO free/ contain no added MSG

Have confidence that your base sauce ticks all those boxes- leaving you with less to worry about, and more time to get creative!

Craft Guild of Chefs Accreditation

Thanks to their excellent consistency and authentically rich flavours, the entire range of sauces and rice have achieved the highly respected Craft Guild of Chefs Accreditation – an assurance that catering professionals are using the highest quality products.

The Mars Foodservice Range


Uncle Ben’s Oriental sauces are ideal for marinating and making stir-fries or decanting straight from the jar to use as a dip. They are even versatile enough to make desserts – use our Uncle Ben’s Sweet Thai Chilli sauce to make a mango sponge!


In addition to their use as a culinary sauce, they are ideal for marinating meat, fish or vegetables. They deliver all of your favourite curries and can also be used cold straight from the jar for wraps, baguettes and jacket potatoes.


If you are looking to ride the Mexican wave then our sauces will suit all tastes. Our Tex-Mex range can be used for traditional burritos, enchiladas, chilli dishes and BBQ dips but also for more on-trend recipes like pulled pork.


Our Italian sauces are packed with vegetables and the entire Dolmio range has more than 84% vegetable content with a 90g serving counting as one of your five a day!


Uncle Ben’s delivers a ‘foolproof’ range of rice, which cook in just 10 minutes. Our Long grain, Whole grain and Basmati rice goes through 215 quality checks from field to plate and has a high yield and boasts great holding properties.

  • Holds in perfect condition for up to 2 hours
  • Cook / chill and freezer suitable
  • High in complex carbohydrates
  • Flexible cook time
  • Great flavour and texture
  • Never sticks

Versatile Recipes Designed to Save Time

In addition to creating key menu staples and classic well-known dishes, Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio Professional aim to inspire caterers to get creative and have fun with menus – even if time pressure, staff shortages and tight budgets are daily challenges.

Our recipes can help busy caterers to meet specific dietary requirements, or simply to inspire new and exciting menu additions.

All recipes sit under at least one of the following sections:

  • Vegetarian or vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Low fat
  • 2 of your 5 a day
  • Street food
  • Seasonal: eg Chinese New Year, Christmas

Versatility is key and allows Caterers to offer a range of meals from just one sauce : for example Bolognese sauce doesn’t just mean a spaghetti Bolognese – you can make our tasty Meatball Sub, Vegetarian Lasagne or Vegetable & Bean Casserole – all made using this one sauce.

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