Milfresh Gold

Milfresh Gold

Brand The UK brand leader in granulated skimmed milk. Milfresh Gold is made with 100% dairy goodness and used as a complete replacement for fresh milk to deliver truly authentic Cappuccinos & Lattes.
Description Pure, high quality skimmed milk granules, produced using a unique drying process which protects natural goodness. Made from pure milk, is fat free and tastes ‘as good as fresh’.
Great For For truly authentic coffee shop drinks made from skinny milk. For health conscious coffee lovers – no added colours, preservatives or Hydrogenated Fats.
Allergens Milk
Case Size 10 x 500g
Pallet (cases x layers) 10 x 7


Additional Information

Product Group

Hot Drinks

Market Suitability

Automated Machine, Cash & Carry, Foodservice

Product Characteristics

100% Dairy, Low Fat, Premium, Suitable for Vegetarians

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