Drink me Chai

Love at first sip 💜

Bursting with colour, flavour and aroma the Drink me Chai range offers a world of discovery.

From family founded beginnings to the nation’s favourite Chai Latte. Drink me Chai delivers the perfect harmony of tea, spices and sweet milky indulgence. Lower in caffeine, compared to tea and coffee it’s perfect for morning, afternoon and evening.

Drink me Chai is perfect at or away from home.  There are specific catering formats designed for instant or add milk barista preparations.  Chai Latte is the fastest growing speciality drink in coffee shops.

Inspiring Coffee Shop Culture at Home ☕

Frothy & creamy, we’ve been inspiring coffee shop culture since 2004. We’re available in a variety of pack formats:

❤️ Spiced Chai Latte – original authentic Chai Latte – just add water or milk ❤️

💛 Vanilla Chai Latte – made with natural vanilla flavourings – just add water or milk 💛

💜 Artisan Blend Chai Latte 1kg specifically designed for coffee shop service, add steamed milk 💜

💜 Spiced Chai Latte for Automatic beverage machines 💜

❤️ Drink me Chai fresh seal cups are perfect for travel and on the go ❤️

❤️ Dolce Gusto® compatible* pods – barista quality at the touch of a button ❤️

Drink me your way!

Drink me Chai pairs brilliantly with plant based milks.including oat, soya, almond and coconut.

And can be enjoyed whatever the weather…

🔥 Enjoy HOT 🔥

 ❄ Enjoy COLD pour over ice 

The Power of Plants

We are big supporters of alternative hot beverages and special dietary needs.  Drink me Chai Free From is dairy and gluten free.

We’ll shortly be adding an instant (make with water) Drink me Chai Vegan to the range – delicious creamy indulgence suitable for vegans.  Check back here for more details.

More than a drink we’re a community

We support Pratham – a Unicef charity teaching thousands of illiterate children in India and across the world to read, write and basic arithmetic.   We’ve already helped over 5,000 under privileged children this way.

If you want to join the Drink me Chai community, follow our social media pages to get latest news, recipe ideas and more.


*Dolce Gusto® is a third party brand (owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A) with no link to Aimia Foods Limited