The delicious science of bubble tea

Discover our Bubbleology range, for delicious bubble tea at home.

Bubble tea

Mixology kits

Create your favourite bubble tea at home with Bubbleology's at home bubble tea mixology kits.

Available for fruit tea and milk tea, with various flavours to try.

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Café Nueva Colombia

Smooth, fruity and acidic coffee beans.

Café Nueva Forte

Rich, dark roasted coffee beans.

Café Nueva Passione

Perfectly balanced Fairtrade Arabica & Robusta coffee bean blend.

Café Nueva Decaf

Pure Colombian freeze dried decaf coffee.

Café Nueva Dolce

Pure Colombian freeze dried coffee. Smooth, acidic & fruity.

Café Nueva Forza

Superbly well-rounded and full-bodied rich roast coffee blend.

Café Nueva Intenso

Well balanced, dark roasted Arabica coffee.

Café Nueva Primo

Pure Fairtrade freeze dried coffee.

How to make your Bubbleology bubble tea