The delicious science of bubble tea

Discover our Bubbleology range, for delicious bubble tea at home.

Bubble tea

Mixology kits

Create your favourite bubble tea at home with Bubbleology's at home bubble tea mixology kits.

Available for fruit tea and milk tea, with various flavours to try.

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PG Tips 1100 Pyramid

The pyramid infuses tea faster and with more flavour than regular tea bags.

PG Tips Enveloped Tea Bags

Available in a case of 200 tea bags, ideal for catering.

PG Tips Freeze Dried

Refreshing tea flavour in a freeze dried format for easy vending.

PG Tips Leaf Tea

Formulated specifically for freshbrew & dispense systems, makes one great cuppa.

PG Tips Tagged Tea Bags

Each bag features a tag for easy removal when brewed.

How to make your Bubbleology bubble tea