How to create the perfect Shmoo milkshake

Ever wondered how to create the perfect Shmoo milkshake? Check out our video and step-by-step instructions to learn how to create amazing shakes – in just 30 seconds!

Step 1 – Take your Shmoo cup and fill the cup with ice cold milk to the line outlined on the cup


Step 2 – Add one scoop of your desired flavour of Shmoo powder into the same cup


Step 3) Take your cup, and place it onto the Shmoo spindle mixer. Ensure that it is fully supported on the machine before letting go!

Step 4 ) Wait 20-30 seconds until the powder and milk are fully mixed. You will see that the Shmoo spindle mixer is designed to aerate the products together to create a thick, creamy shake!


Step 5 – Carefully remove your cup from the spindle mixer and add cream and toppings


Step 6 – Pop in your straw and enjoy your Shmoo milkshake! 

(Yes – It really is that easy!)

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