Vegan Chai 250g

New barista style recipe, instant vegan chai latte powder.

Artisan Chai 1kg

Coffee shop style, add milk chai latte powder.

Galaxy Drinking Chocolate

Deliciously indulgent drinking chocolate.

Galaxy Vegan

Instant silky & smooth hot chocolate vegan drink.

Galaxy Drinking Chocolate 2kg

Deliciously indulgent drinking chocolate.

Amaretto 1883 Syrup

Amaretto 1883 syrup is rich and aromatic with a caramel brown colour.

Banana 1883 Syrup

Banana 1883 syrup has a rich, fresh banana flavour with hints of green melon, vanilla and pineapple.

Butterscotch 1883 Syrup

Butterscotch1883 syrup has a rich, deep, buttery flavour similar to that of caramel but deeper and more rounded.

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