Galaxy Tabletop

Granulated hot chocolate, designed for tabletop machine application.

Galaxy Vending

Granulated hot chocolate, designed for automated machine application.

Amour de Chocolat

Indulgent, rich coffee shop style hot chocolate.

Fair & Ethical

Rich Fairtrade cocoa with a dash of skimmed milk.


Granulated hot chocolate with a rich creamy taste.

Milfresh Gold

100% Skimmed Milk granules.

Milfresh Silver

100% dairy goodness.


Home| Karimer Bluetop Bluetop is a superior quality whitener, designed as a milk replacement for all types of drinks in Automated Machine systems, lower in fat than Greentop with a lighter, milkier taste. Karimer A traditional HVO free range of coffee whiteners. Ideal for mature consumers who enjoy the mouthfeel of a creamer with their […]

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