Love at First Sip

Drink me Chai delivers the perfect harmony of tea, spices and sweet milky indulgence.

Chai Latte

The Leading Alternative Drink

The leading alternative drink to coffee. Chai latte is a lower in caffeine, compared to tea and coffee it’s perfect for morning, afternoon and evening. Drink Me Chai is perfect in or out of the home. 

Drink Me Chai

Bursting with colour, flavour and aroma the Drink me Chai range offers a world of discovery.

A versatile chai latte powder Drink Me Chai can be used to create delicious hot and cold drink as well as used within baking, smoothies and milkshakes.

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Full Wholesale Range

Ideal for cafes and coffee shops. Drink Me Chai is available in 1kg tubs.
Add 1 heaped scoop of powder into a steaming jug. Add 200ml of your choice of milk and steam. Serve in a 12oz cup dust with cinnamon.
Measuring scoop included.

The Drink Me Chai Range


Galaxy Drinking Chocolate

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Galaxy Frothy

Instant hot chocolate which creates a luxurious frothy top head.

Galaxy Instant

Deliciously indulgent instant hot chocolate.

Galaxy Instant 25g

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Galaxy Light

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Galaxy Vegan

Instant silky & smooth hot chocolate vegan drink.

Maltesers Hot Chocolate

Deliciously malty hot chocolate.

Maltesers Sachets

Deliciously malty hot chocolate.

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