Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s help to liven up school menu

  • On 7th March 2019

Tucked away amid the beautiful Devonshire countryside, Blackpool C of E primary school takes a great deal of inspiration from the surrounding farming environment; an inspiration which filters right through from the classroom to the catering division as Rachel Harris, Catering Manager at Blackpool Primary School explains:

dolmio professional sauce catering schools

“A large part of our school menu is created using fresh, local produce. In fact, the majority of the meat we use at Blackpool C of E school is supplied by Devonshire farmers, which is something we are exceptionally proud of.

As well as supporting local farmers, Devon Norse, who provide us with our school menus, are committed to offering a healthy and fresh school menu which contains a variety of sustainably sourced, free-range, and organic ingredients.”

However, when it comes to creating a brilliant all-round school menu, taste and visual appeal also plays a pivotal role as Rachel elaborates:

 “One of the most challenging aspects of catering for ages 5-11 is that students of this age typically eat with their eyes!  If the dishes we serve do not visually appeal to the children, they are unlikely to want to eat it.

As such, we as a team have made it our mission to ensure that the dishes we offer at Blackpool Primary School are not only nutritional, but also fun, vibrant and colourful.”

dolmio professional and uncle bens catering sauce

Despite the tight-knit catering team of four striving to make this change, the reality of implementing this to a quality, consistent standard, whilst working within a short preparation window, proved to be a point of concern. That was until the they started using Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s foodservice products, as Rachel enthuses:

“The Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s foodservice products are truly brilliant! The fact that we can simply pour the ready-to-use sauces straight from the jar is perfect, as it allows us the flexibility to use the sauces alongside our existing menu, as well as create new dishes in a super quick and easy way.”

By using Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s, it also means the catering team at Blackpool Primary school do not need to devise different batches of sauces according to various dietary requirements thanks to the 19-wide Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s ready-to-use sauce range being suitable for both gluten free and vegetarian diets, as Rachel delights:

Catering for such a wide variety of dietary requirements has been simple and stress free since using Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s foodservice products! A member of the catering team simply needs to refer to the front of the ready-to-use sauce jars to find out key nutritional and allergen details.”

Completely compliant with 2017 PHE salt targets, the Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s ready-to-use sauce range has not only helped the catering team to meet nutritional guidelines in a colourful and tasty way, but it has also allowed the team to expand their menu with dishes from across the globe:

“We have introduced lots of delicious multicultural dishes to the menu since using Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s foodservice sauces. This menu expansion has allowed the children to broaden their taste buds, as well as experience the traditional tastes of different cuisines which has been great!

From vibrant Sweet and Sour chicken, creamy Korma curry, to tangy Hunters chicken, the new dishes that we offer have proven to be tremendously popular with the children because they not only look fun and colourful, but they also taste amazing!

We have also been using Uncle Ben’s long grain rice as a base for many of these dishes and have found the quality to be brilliant! In just 10 minutes, the rice cooks to a perfectly fluffy consistency – for us it’s the perfect product.”

The Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s foodservice range has allowed Blackpool Primary school to excel past their original aim of enhancing their school menu as they now incorporate new dishes as Rachel summarises:

 “The Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s range truly ticks all the boxes! The children love the taste, the parents are pleased with the nutritional credentials, and our catering team are amazed by the impressive convenience and quality of Dolmio Professional and Uncle Ben’s foodservice products. We couldn’t recommend the products enough!”


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