Horlicks Light Malted 300g

Horlicks Light Malted 300g

Brand Horlicks has been a UK household brand name loved by the nation for over 140 years, this traditional malty favourite has seen us through two world wars. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals it’s been a staple food supplement of polar expeditions and has even reached the summit of Mount Everest!
Description Horlicks Light Malted 300g. Horlicks Light has all the malted goodness but with 75% less fat than Horlicks Traditional.
Great For Delicious and good for you! Horlicks is packed with 14 essential nutrients and contains no artificial, colours, flavours, preservatives, and sweeteners.
Allergens Gluten, Milk , May contain Soya
SKU Code 09841
Case Size 6 x 300g
Pallet (cases x layers) 28 x 10

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Instant, Light, Suitable for Vegetarians

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Hot Drinks



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