Take time for a Horlicks

Enjoy a mug of your favourite Horlicks, from Chocolate to Original or even Vegan we’ve got you covered!


Horlicks Heritage

Horlicks has been comforting families for over 140 years. Horlicks was first developed by two British brothers in the late 1800’s. We have supported explorers on the way to both poles, nourished soldiers through two world wars and fortified athletes in the Olympics.

Malted Recipes

Create hot and cold drinks with endless flavour using Horlicks

The Horicks Range



Ben’s Original Balti

Medium spiced, Indian style curry sauce.

Ben’s Original Black Bean

Rich, full flavoured sauce. Made with black bean, soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger.

Ben’s Original Chilli Con Carne

Traditional Mexican style chilli con carne sauce.

Ben’s Original Hickory Smoked BBQ

Tomato base with a sweet and hickory smoked barbecue wood flavour.

Ben’s Original Katsu Curry

An aromatic and mild Katsu curry sauce.

Ben’s Original Korma

Creamy curry sauce with coconuts and onions.

Ben’s Original Mexican Salsa

Spicy, Mexican style tomato sauce with onions, red, green and jalapeno peppers.

Ben’s Original Spicy Szechuan

Spicy oriental style szechuan chilli sauce with sesame oil, soy sauce and ginger.

An iconic, delicious, malty flavour

Enriched with 14 key vitamins & minerals

Traditionally crafted using malted wheat & barley

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