International School Meals Day

  • On 19th March 2021

The 12th March 2021 saw International School Meals day, backed by British Local Authorities, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly. The day aimed to raise awareness of the importance of nutritional quality of school meal programmes worldwide, as well as educating children and adults on the importance of healthy eating habits.

Prevalent in UK news more than ever in the last 12 months, schools and caterers have worked collaboratively to find new ways to support children’s diet in school and also out of school during lockdowns and school closures.

With years of industry experience and knowledge in the education sector, what is it that makes Aimia Foods such an asset to the school caterer?


Recipe and Menu support

Our experienced employees have expert knowledge in the education sector, working together with school caterers, understanding their needs, and consulting on ingredients, recipes and menus.

All education customers have access to a library of resources from nutritional advice and meal guidelines, to recipes and brochures, ensuring caterers can get the most from every product they use.

From specialist dietary requirements, to ideas for leftover product to avoid waste, and themed menu ideas, Aimia Foods support the caterer as much as they need. We see it as our responsibility to work interactively with schools and local councils to provide children with healthy and nutritious food that works to a school budget.

Mars’ Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio Professional sauces are accompanied by recipe books to guide and inspire. Find lunch recipes that are Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free or 2 of your 5 a day. We even have recipe books focussed on quick and easy recipes and street food ideas, as well as new themed recipes for occasions such as Chinese New Year, 4th July and Christmas each year.

In our Made Easy recipe book you will find creative but simple recipes for desserts and baking, all of which are school compliant!

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Our products and brands

Every product we supply is made with the caterer in mind and we continue to challenge our offering asking one simple question – how can this product help our customer and the caterer? We work with hundreds of schools and academies to ensure our products meet your needs and make working life easier.

The products we supply are designed to help achieve schools’ nutritional goals, ensuring that children can learn at their best, consuming nutritious ingredients and meals. Alongside this, we make it our priority to produce brands and products which are affordable, quick and easy to prepare, and, of course, are delicious.

Our Made Easy range of drinks and baking ingredients are tasty, versatile and designed specifically for focussed caterers working to a budget The range of high quality products can be made and prepared in minimal time and effort, delivering deliciously tasty and visually appealing dishes each time, reducing the complexity from meal and snack times.

Mars’ DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® and UNCLE BEN’S PROFESSIONAL® range of ready to use sauces bring many invaluable, practical benefits over scratch cooked alternatives. Suitable for gluten free diets, as well as for vegetarians, this 17-wide range boasts popular and on-trend flavours from around the world which can be poured straight from the jar without the need for additional cooking. 13 out of the 17 sauces are also suitable for vegans, enabling staff to simply and quickly prepare menus suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements.

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