Tastes as Good as Fresh

✔ 100% Skimmed Milk

✔ Creamy and natural taste with long lasting texture

✔ Lower in calories than whole milk

✔ Fat Free

✔ No Added Sugar

✔ No added colours, preservatives or Hydrogenated Fats

How to use Milfresh as a complete replacement for fresh milk

Milfresh Gold skimmed milk can be used as a complete replacement for fresh milk to enjoy at home. To make 1 litre of milk:

1. Simply add 930ml of water to 100g of Milfresh.

2. Stir the milk granules into the water thoroughly until fully dissolved.

3. Refrigerate the milk until ice cold.

4. Consume within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: Give your tea or coffee a minute to cool down if you’re adding a spoonful of Milfresh directly to your drink. Milfresh works best up to temperatures of 90°C, however it can break and curdle if added directly to boiling water.

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Milfresh is the UK brand leader in granulated skimmed milk. It creates truly authentic coffee shop drinks made from skinny milk and tastes “as good as fresh”. Milfresh is the perfect milk for health conscious coffee lovers.

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More Soluble

Milk is very hard on automated machines. It must dissolve in seconds. Milk needs to dissolve immediately to prevent the mixing bowl becoming clogged. We put Milfresh to the test in extreme conditions using cold water, versus a cheaper competitor product. The granulated formula of Milfresh allows water to penetrate quickly and easily preventing lumps of powder forming in the water. Milfresh has a unique granular structure which means it dissolves perfectly every time.

✔ No residue

✔ Fewer machine breakdowns

✔ For complete peace of mind always choose Milfresh

Superior Flow

✔ Easy open, resealable bag.

✔ Unique granulated formula.

✔ Easy pouring with a reduced dust cloud.

✔ Superior flow through automatic machines.

✔ Milfresh granules reduce incidences of machine breakdowns.

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Superior Milk Foaming

Milfresh is created using a unique low heat drying process that protects the proteins and creates a natural milk taste.

Our higher quality proteins create a tighter, longer lasting foam for more authentic cappuccinos and lattes.

Perfect for all types of hot drinks

Milfresh is perfect for creating all types of hot drinks.

✔ Cappuccinos

✔ Lattes

✔ Flat Whites

✔ White Americanos

✔ Tea

✔ Hot Chocolate

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Use Milfresh for Optimum Machine Performance

The mixing bowl in an automated machine only has a few seconds to dissolve milk. Milfresh is granulated for maximum surface area & porosity which means it:

✔ Dissolves quickly and easily in the mixing bowl

✔ Leaves no residue leading to fewer machine breakdowns

✔ Whips up easily to create a tight, long lasting foam

As Good As Fresh

As the availability of quality coffee continues to improve each year replicating the coffee shop experience within automated vending has never been so important.

More than 7/10 drinks dispensed from automated machines are coffee shop classics. Cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites rule the drink selections. With so much milk making up the overall drink it’s the number 1 factor in the overall drink quality.

The biggest challenge for vending today is to replicate the quality of drinks served on the high street. With coffee shops often using fresh milk, and a public perception that fresh milk is superior to using dried, the underlying question is do vending operators need to adopt fresh milk solutions to be more competitive?

With Milfresh, we’ve always believed that it tastes as good as fresh. We were so confident that we put it to the ultimate test.

We commissioned independent consumer research, conducted by the University of Oxford Brookes to determine whether in blind taste tests, people could tell the difference between fresh skimmed milk and Milfresh.

The results show 2 out of 3 people couldn’t tell the difference* between drinks made with fresh skimmed milk and Milfresh, whilst 64% stated that they actually preferred Milfresh!

The Milfresh Range

Milfresh Gold

Pure, high quality skimmed milk granules, produced using a unique drying process which protects natural goodness. Made from pure milk, is fat free and tastes ‘as good as fresh’.

Milfresh Silver

‘Close to fresh’. Milfresh Silver delivers pure Milfresh taste, fat free all dairy goodness in a lower cost Granulated Milk Blend.

Milfresh Pods

New skinny milk pods. Made with 100% skimmed milk, Milfresh makes the perfect low fat “skinny” coffee, cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button.

*2017 independent taste testing carried out by Oxford Brookes University  – 107 respondents