National Tea Day

  • On 19th April 2021

Tea can be quite a conversation point in the UK- everybody has their own way of making it, and most would argue that their way is the ‘right way’. Which tea brand, the optimum brewing time, and the perfect tea colour have probably caused a few too many arguments, but when it comes down to it, Brits can probably all agree on the core components for the perfect cuppa.

Across the pond however, head to many Asian countries, ask for a cup of tea and you’ll be presented with something far different to the usual ‘milk, no sugar’ that we’re used to.

Originating in South Asia, Chai tea is one of the most popular beverages in India, and thanks to its unique blend of sweet, spicy and creamy notes, its popularity is growing at a tremendous rate here in the UK, especially with those looking for a low caffeine alternative to tea or coffee. But what exactly is Chai? If you’ve tasted it before, you’ll recognise the overly sweet milk taste, but the more spicy taste might confuse your taste buds slightly.

Our resident chai expert, Bhavani Joshi, works alongside the Drink me Chai team in testing new baking recipes and capturing beautiful photography. Born in India, and an enormous chai fan, we asked her to explain what separates these two teas, so different in taste.


“Masala chai is the most pivotal drink in almost all Indian households. We Indians love our chai and we love to add spice to anything and everything.

The difference between Masala chai and British tea is all in how it’s made, and the addition of spices. Masala chai is made by brewing custom spices in a pan over heat, with a little water and more milk. English tea is much more simple- pop a tea bag in mug and fill with boiled kettle water and maybe a few teaspoons of milk and sugar to taste.

There are no set rules on spices, but cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger are popular. The process to making an aromatic and authentic chai is longer but well worth it.”


But for UK coffee shops, where longer drink preparation times can mean profits take a hit, or for people who want to make a quick hot drink fix, the Drink me Chai range offers a way of making authentic tasting chai, without the extensive preparation time to match.

Made with authentic Indian spices, the powder form of Drink me Chai gives consumers and caterers the opportunity to create an authentic, delicious chai, by simply adding water, milk, or their favourite milk alternative- with all spices and sweetness combined in just a few spoonfuls of product.

With add water and add milk variants, there are even options for vegans to enjoy the creamy, milky taste of chai too.

Click below to view our Chai range and get in touch to discover which chai is right for you or your business, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!

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